~ May 2001 ~

New Record Label Releases Ontario's
Indie Music Compilation CD

Belleville, Ontario - May 7, 2001 - AntiAntenna Recordings, Ontario's newest indie record label, today announced that their label will be launched with the release of a compilation CD of bands from all over Ontario. The CD, titled "The 20 Year Design Theory" will be released on June 1st. The CD release parties will be hosted at Barcode on June 1st and 2nd with two very diverse shows. June 1st will feature the bands Gaffer, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Lungbutter, The Vermicious Knid, and Shut-IN. June 2nd will feature Raising the Fawn, Cities To Drown In, White Star Line, and Static Is Silver. Both shows start at 10pm and cost $5 at the door. Barcode is located at 549 College, four blocks west of Bathurst in Toronto, Ontario.

The compilation includes tracks from The Constantines, Gaffer, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Full White Drag, Buried Inside, Lungbutter, Roads to Shiloh, Raising the Fawn, Picastro, Panic Coast, Treben'dle, White Star Line, The Vermicious Knid, and Static Is Silver. Most of the songs on the compilation are exclusive to this release, although there are some exceptions of tracks taken from demos, tour EP's, and the odd full length release. The CD is available at both CD release shows for $10, on the AntiAntenna Recordings website (www.antiantenna.com) for $12ppd, and is distributed by Sonic Unyon in Canada.

"At some point or another I have been able to share in the creative joy of so many of the artists presented on "The 20 Year Design Theory" In reality, the bottom line here is that AntiAntenna is presenting the same opportunity for many to experience, and many to share, the joyful creative toil that we as artists hope to reach people with," says Stephen Dohnberg, from the band White Star Line. "In looking back over the events that define the era of each scene, there is always a collection of material that best expresses the content of such - for example "Fuck The Commonwealth" (Fans of Bad Produtions), "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" (Alternative Tentacles), "Smell You Later" (Sonic Unyon), "Deep Six" (C/Z), "Dead On The Road" (Raw Energy) and so on. Not only is this forthcoming compilation part of the lineage of such previous output, but "The 20 Year Design Theory" promises to take it's place among these collections. As ambitious as it may be, hat's off to it also being just the beginning."

"I started AntiAntenna Recordings to release music that makes me smile. There are a ton of really clever, hard working bands in Ontario, and I think lots of them are overlooked by even indie labels because they don't follow the current market trends," says Ryan Mills, founder of AntiAntenna Recordings. "This compilation covers a lot of different genres of indie music. I think you can expect that from AntiAntenna in the future. There are a hundred good loud rock bands, but there are just as many amazing singer/songwriters out there, and I'd like to work with all of them. The common factor that glues all of these groups together is their dedication towards a strong Ontario indie music community, and a strong belief in music for music's sake."

AntiAntenna Recordings is a record label run from a small bedroom in a big house under the city water tower in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. A strong focus is put on releasing quality recordings from some of Ontario's hardest working musicians with a very strong emphasis on asthetics and originality. Ryan can be reached for comment, or to request promotional materials at any time by calling (613) 966-5957, or emailing info@antiantenna.com.

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