Raising the Fawn is the brain child of one John Crossingham (of ThanatoPop fame). Other members include Scott, Julie and Justin. This makes RTF a four-piece. Yep, that's right. Four. Honourable mention goes to RTF's 1st drummer Lesa Hannah who has since gone on to be a Fashion Journalist (leaving the Fawn in June 2001).

 Julie Booth (guitar)
 John Crossingham (guitar, xylophone, vocals)
 Justin Peroff (drums)
 Scott Remila (bass, vocals)

Raising the Fawn is now based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

"Raising the Fawn is a "solo project" by John Crossingham that was started on a home-base level in 1997. It was a means to explore a quieter, more personal route than was allowed by my "normal" band, ThanatoPop. I played a few shows but was soon back to working on ThanatoPop stuff. This included recording a CD, Four Track Mind, which was released on Teenage USA records in the summer of 1999.

In late fall 1999, I got the itch again to resurrect the Fawn, so I started recording about fifteen songs worth of material, playing all of the instruments myself. The result is a nearly completed 10-song debut CD. The original mandate to make personal, quiet, patient music has not been altered. These are songs to inspire long sleeps filled with complicated dreams.

The live band as it stands now includes Scott Remila (bass/vocals), Julie Booth (guitar), and my girlfriend Lesa Hannah on the drums. All of the songs are about her. So far, I think she is cool with that--she is probably just concentrating so hard on playing that she doesn't have time to feel embarassed. Plans are to release the CD in late fall/early winter--before 2000 is over at least."

Written by John Crossingham 2000.

Contact Raising The Fawn at thefawn@hotmail.com