3.22.01 this review taken from Eye Magazine's website from their 'On Disc' section.

Raising the Fawn
(4 stars)

St. Catharines/Toronto combo Raising the Fawn have arrived at the perfect time, when trendspotters have started to scream that "quiet is the new loud." But this isn't a trendy record, it's a great one.

John Crossingham (ThanatoPop) has crafted an intimate and unassuming work that reaches subtle majesty on the strength of his delicate croon, distant pianos, tasteful horn and string sections, and creative stereo panning. Lesa Hannah's drumming holds much of this together, particularly on one track with a strong, insistent beat that's louder than every other instrument; the song is called "Now That You're Awake."

Wait until the international hushed hordes get a load of this. (Raising the Fawn open for Mogwai at the Opera House Sunday.)

-- MB