10.00 - Interview and writings by jciliska for the october, 2000 complete chaos zine issue.

From: St. Catharines, ON.

Who: Julie Booth (guitar), John Crossingham (guitar, xylophone, vocals), Lesa Hannah (drums) and Scott Remila (bass/vocals)

Sounds like: mellow pop

Contact: thefawn@hotmail.com


How would you describe the sound of Raising the Fawn to someone who hadn't heard it before?

John: That's the trick isn't it? Musically it is quiet, mellow pop music with nods to jazz and experimental noise. Emotionally it is music that reflects the thoughts that I have when I am by myself. That means (and in no particular order) uncertainity, longing, love, self-doubt, sadness and contentment.

How did you come up with the name, Raising the Fawn?

I wanted a name that sounded delicate but not really cutesy. There is a picture of Audrey Hepburn that Lesa showed once in which Hepburn is in a grocery store looking at food with a fawn. She had a fawn for a few years and it lived with her at her home. The image just struck me as perfect--deer are graceful to begin with, but a fawn also has an awkward quality to it. That is what (I hope) this band is like--graceful, yet a little awkward and unsure at the same time. The whole idea of raising the animal too suggests that there is emotional work to be done. These songs are about the trying nature of nurturing relationships and staying sane and real. I know that sounds pretenious, but oh well. Also, The Fawn by The Sea and Cake is a very influential album on my songs so I feel like the band name is an honest homage. In fact, when Craig Laskey (who books the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto) first saw our name, he thought that we were a Sea and Cake tribute band. Kind of embarassing I guess, but not entirely inaccurate.

White Star Line consider Raising the Fawn to be their "sibling band". Would you agree?

Really? That's pretty cool. We all like them very much as well. I think that on a bill we complement one another--I'm very excited that we are playing together. We aren't identical, but our intentions are very similar. It's like two different takes on the same concept. When we first played with them I think we all knew that we fit together. They make beautifully understated songs that reward patience, and we strive for that same goal.

What was the last show you saw and how would you rate it?

Godspeed You Black Emperor! at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto. I would rate it as pretty fucking fantastic and completely inspirational. They will prove to be a national treasure and touchstone for so many Canadian bands. It is exciting to think that they orginate from this country. They are proof that there are bands here that are leading, not just following in the world's footsteps.

List a few things that are fantastic:

Autumn, love, music, Jose Contreras, Wooden Stars, gummi bears, my friends.